Whaddya think?

In light of things business-related, maybe with some slight delirium from bashing a monitor for three hours hoping to get Photoshop to work, I’ve changed the name o’the site (incase you hadn’t noticed). And the font’s new too. Hope it’s slightly easier on your eyes. The other way was naff anyway, right? All the love.

The little things

Bali. It’s ok. Contrary to what everyone else is saying, no, I’m not in love with it. So, to make me feel less homesick, here is a list of things at home I’m looking forward to the most (and things, if you are at home, you need to begin appreciating): – Sleeping without fear of … More The little things

A hunt for shade

Hello dear followers. Thanks for stopping by. So, I’m in Bali, as planned. But actually, some stuff is happening I hadn’t planned for. Bali is hot, sunny, and full of wonderful plants. But, a week in, and actually I’m not warming to the place (despite my unrelenting sweating). It’s pretty for the most part, but … More A hunt for shade

Radio of awesome

Social media is a weird old place for yoga, don’t you think? I’ve recently started building my own yoga brand, @honeyyoga, and found I had more followers than my personal instagram account before I’d even posted anything. And when reposting some old yoga content on @honeyyoga it received double the number of likes than before … More Radio of awesome

Thought of the day

Have you ever been stuck behind an older driver (invariably driving a Honda Jazz)? I have come to the frightening conclusion that as we get older we must gradually factor more and more time to drive anywhere. I wonder if anyone has ever noticed themselves doing this…