Solo board games

As I sit here at our little oak desk overlooking a copse of beautiful tall trees, I hear the question resonating in my ears: “why do you live in a van?”. Yes. Why, indeed? As we get asked so often what motivated us, I thought I’d share with you guys the story behind our little … More Solo board games

A sticky situation

The van. It’s a bit of an annoying, oil-dripping metal box at the moment. Taking up room on my Mum’s we’re-well-to-do-doncha-know suburban street and menacingly reminding me that I’ve no money with which to fix ‘er up. Blasphemy, of course. Because it’s probably the best purchase me and my bloke have ever made (except I … More A sticky situation

It’s van-adjusting time

Finally. We’re actually putting our outlandish ideas into some sort of motion, albeit somewhat slow and frustrating motion. Fingers-full-of-splinters frustrating. Fear not though, casual readers, we’ve got tweezers and we know how to use them. We’ve got thermally-lined curtains (and some lofty dreams about tie-backs), a half-made sofa bed (oo-er), a worrying amount of freshly … More It’s van-adjusting time