My dad is a cool guy. He ‘retired’ super young so that he could follow his passion of writing. He’s since written a whole heap of books that have been for him, not for his audience. He’s not famous, he’s not rich (in money), and he’s not aspiring to be something other than exactly who … More Introducing…

The perils of free stationery

What’s in a career, really? I ‘spose you get security and free stationery, but there’s something about even the word ‘career’ that sets me sweating and having palpitations. I’m writing this because, right now,  I’ve got a strange mix of money-making ventures and it’s something we don’t often talk about; y’know, it’s not really accepted. I’m … More The perils of free stationery

The little things

Bali. It’s ok. Contrary to what everyone else is saying, no, I’m not in love with it. So, to make me feel less homesick, here is a list of things at home I’m looking forward to the most (and things, if you are at home, you need to begin appreciating): – Sleeping without fear of … More The little things

Radio of awesome

Social media is a weird old place for yoga, don’t you think? I’ve recently started building my own yoga brand, @honeyyoga, and found I had more followers than my personal instagram account before I’d even posted anything. And when reposting some old yoga content on @honeyyoga it received double the number of likes than before … More Radio of awesome