Can anyone provide free cake?

So, I quit my ‘proper’ job last week to be a full time yoga teacher. A momentous time, I’m sure you’ll agree. Mostly, I think I’m excited to leave behind the absolute joke that comes when we put miserable people in a room together and call them the Human Resources department. And also the politics that comes about in office-related work. You know, those folk that’ll trample their own children to near-death to make sure they end up in that space-consuming corner office decorated with plastic (or dead) plants and earning the most cheese. And dress codes? Honestly. What’s unprofessional about flip-flops in 30 degree heat?

Chocolate Cake in White Ceramic Plate
The office birthday: free cake and at least an hour of being wholly unproductive. Awesome.

So, I’m off to join the rest of the folks who wear nothing but yoga pants to work. I’m excited – I’m actually full-time self-employed now and who’da thought that was going to happen? But let me tell you, excitement aside, about the little things I reckon I’m going to miss over the next few weeks:

  • THE SHOWER! Oh my god. I can’t stress how much I’ll miss the glorious showers my old workplace sported. They had those kind of showers you could throw a little party in, and freshly-washed The White Company towels that were, of course, perfectly fluffed. One of the shower cubicles even had a window. Being a full-time van dweller, I’m actually wondering what the heck I’m going to do now. Anyone got any eco-friendly wet-wipe suggestions?
  • Office birthdays. Because they always involved free cake. Need I say more?
  • A place to leave my car. And the car park at this place was beautifully safe from gypsies and errant bands of youths when we ended up abandoning the car for our van adventures. Now where? At least it’s so scratched and dinged no one will nick it…
  • Payroll! The afore mentioned HR department were (mostly) accurate and on time with their paying of me, and that was quite nice.
  • The folk I worked with. An errant bunch of characters, and they always told me how snazzy my yoga pants were. They were lovingly insulting (in the only way work-frazzled colleagues can be), quite sharing with their food (I know. I was spoiled) and one of them even had a puppy that sometimes came to visit. Hope they read this – they were alright actually.
  • Swivel chairs. Who knows when I’ll get the opportunity to throw myself across a room on one of these bad boys again.

So, despite my excitement at moving forward, I’m going to be a bit sad (and stinky?) leaving this stuff behind. To new adventures though! Maybe we’ll get a van with a shower…



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