How’re you doing?

Happy Tuesday, you guys.Β My topic today, and something I write for, something I yoga for, and something that’s only just become something I’m consciously aware of, is my natural state of mind. I guess, what I mean is, my propensity for pessimism, stress, anxieties.

I’m not vegan, and this is something the yoga world struggles with. I also don’t talk to strangers about my third eye, or wear Lululemon everywhere, or eat much kale. But, on top of this, I also think my natural state of mind is something yoga teachers everywhere would criticise me for.

I’m anxious. And, over the past few weeks, notably so. Maybe it’s the beginning of our new lives living full-time in our van that’s done it, maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s this nearly decade-old laptop I’m currently hoping doesn’t die on me (someone buy me a Mac!?). I’m not actually sure. But, what I do know is that yoga is the best antidote for this stuff. For me it’s no longer a purely physical endeavour, and I’ve been aware of the depth of yoga for years, but not until I actually have shit on the surface to deal with have I managed to reap the rewards of a very emotional, very head-spacey practice.

This picture shows a MacBook Air that is sitting on a wooden desk with a half-full water glas placed next to it and a notebook with an iPhone lying on top of it on the other side of the desk.
Can this be my current set-up please? My laptop sounds like it’s about to take me to space.

And I find confronting this stuff to be a part of the best medicine. I almost always ask my students at the beginning of each class how they’re feeling – you immediately come into your minds, your bodies, and feel things properly, really sit with this stuff so you’re better able to move on from this place.

So, I suppose I’m writing today to tell you that you don’t *need* to do, think, wear, or even feel anything in particular. We need to enjoy the route our lives are taking, drop the crazy rules society puts on us, and wear the shoes with the lights in them, be angry at a meditation conference, and be an anxious yoga teacher. Just keep asking yourself how you’re feeling, and make decisions from a place of self care. And practice yoga if, you too, are a bit stressed in 2017. It’s my cure-all, and I reckon it can be yours too.

Go be gloriously you.


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