Van Lessons, May 2017

Capture 2
Although the in-van puddles normally alert us to the weather beforehand, this isn’t the view we’re too fond of waking up to.

So, if you haven’t heard along the grapevine (or on this little space in the web) I live full-time in a converted van. And, don’t you find with anything you end up doing, especially the big stuff, that expectations are way different to reality? Van life (or, #vanlife as the hipsters would have you say) is actually awesome, if a steep learning curve. Here, more for the glories of posterity (if only for myself), are some of the initial lessons that have come from the adventure.

  1. Stuff is both amazing and shit. I want stuff. Y’know, that new yoga mat, the shoes I literally can’t live without, a new laptop, some more books (I can see my partner’s eyes rolling as I type…). And we also have an obvious and serious lack of space. Do we *really* need to buy wine glasses? Or an extra set of PJs? Or even bulk-buy toilet roll? It’s a lesson for sure this one. We’re learning to do without a lot of the time. And this is changing our perspective and forcing us to ask if we’re certain every time we buy things. Suddenly, decorative items, coffee table books, and those in-season shoes seem a bit ridiculous (although notice I’m not saying we don’t buy them still…).
  2. WE WASTE SO MUCH! I mean, maybe even more so since we have a tiny fridge and a freezer that definitely worked one time but seems to have given up the chilly ghost. We also don’t have Tupperware, which is on our list of stuff to buy (see lesson 1 above) so we’re struggling to cook in bulk without eating. But, food waste aside, the rubbish we accumulate is devastating. Packaging for miles, and without a proper bin to put it in, makes us very aware of what we’re getting with our food purchases. And it’s seriously hard to avoid.
  3. Rain really sucks. Mainly because one of our roof-lights we installed ourselves after a devastating incident of it flying out mid-roundabout, and we’re not friends with silicone (or, in-fact DIY of any kind). So, it’s turned into a mega leak in bad weather. And it’s amazing how often there is bad weather (yes, I know, I live in England and have only just *really* learned this). So we’re really attached to weather forecasts.
  4. My partner and I get along really *REALLY* well. It honestly wouldn’t work if we weren’t prepared to vomit in-front of each other and play card games for hours on end. Feeling blessed over here!

I’m sure more amazing (and shitty) lessons will come along over the next few months. Firstly though, can anyone fix a leak?


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