Even hefty groups of youths don’t bring us down

I’m currently in a pokey office surrounded by everything electronic I own – plugged in and restoring the juice. Our fancy gym membership has become a long lost friend, and can we talk about how awesome solar power is?

So, yes. Hi folks. Remember me and my humble little word corner? I now live in my van, and I feel like I can legitimately blame the van for my radio silence over the past few months. Getting it to where it is today has been a struggle, and it’s still not even finished.

Blog van pic q
The peace lily and WiFi in-situ. That black stuff is also what van dreams are made of.

But this writing malarkey has been handed down to me from my good ol’ pop, him being a writer himself (check out the last post for more on that), and I can’t give up that easily.

So. Van life. Or, indeed, as the hipsters would say, #vanlife. It’s actually been a steady and relatively easy transition. Sure, a few arguments scatter the scene, but we’ve got roaming WiFi, a working fridge, a comfier bed than we had in our last apartment, and (thank any gods who may look down upon us) I’ve managed to keep a remnant of my house-plant collection in the form of a little peace lily.

We’ve been attacked by a hefty group of youths, checked out by the army late one night, and kept awake by holy-shit levels of rainfall, but we view these as singular episodes in the van saga (#vansaga?).

My learnings so far? Well, the learning curve has been and continues to be so steep that I fear I’ll near to invest in a climbing buddy and some of those weird shoes. But I’ve quickly learned how little we actually need in order to be happy. We’re coping without a proper bathroom (hello Bannatynes!), a cooker, a spare bedroom, and everything in-between. We’ve also misplaced our cutlery in all the house-moving shenanigans, so we’re attempting to eat every meal with chopsticks. And let’s not talk about our storage solutions (less ‘solutions’ and more of the ‘just-fucking-chuck-it’ option). But, outrageously and contrary to what society has taught us, we’re happy!

And, my dear readers, what else is there? Happiness, joy, bliss – I don’t think there’s much else we need to find in life. As soon as we’ve settled into this state ourselves, it becomes something we spread around. As my amazing yoga teacher Eoin Finn often says, it turns into an upward spiral of positive vibrations.

Find your positive vibration in whatever circumstances you find yourself in, and spread that good stuff around. Be happy folks, and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again soon.


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