Let’s keep the cranky to a minimum

pexels-photo-24746So, you need to keep an eye on your emails, your three social accounts, the door for the postman, the TV ’cause your cousins about to premier in a shampoo advert, and if you miss a call from your mum, then shit will hit the fan. And this is on top of your normal day-to-day workload. And you hear your friends are having kids!? Another reason a to-do list gets longer. Another distraction. Nope, you heard it here first, folks. I’m not getting broody anytime soon.

What I’m on about though, is that our lives are just so damn fast. And what’s that about? I know: we’re in this sparkly age of iPhones and e-lists and too-many medications and apps that condense the content of books into a 15 minute read so you don’t even have to plow through the full thing. Awesome. But, actually, isn’t it a bit crap? Why aren’t we giving ourselves enough time to read a full book anymore? (The app I’m on about, by the way, is Blinkist and it’s awesome, regardless of what I’m saying.)

I think these chronic levels of busyness and stress are causing way more damage than we think. What happens when you’re stressed and you snap at the slow people in line at the supermarket? You pass the cranky on. And it builds up as it’s passed on until someone (probably) gets hurt.

So, what’s the answer? Slow the heck down. Seriously. Take some time out. Throw a few hours (yep, I said ‘hours’) into your Wunderlist app (another good one) just for doing nothing.

This is the theme of my yoga class tonight. Last week (and most weeks really), I’m throwing my students through asana like there’s no tomorrow, to a playlist of occasional drum and bass and the odd Whitney Houston. And it’s normally a really fun class (if I say so myself). But tonight, it’s different. We’re moving slow. Feeling our toes. Taking it down a notch.

This is something I’m learning in my teaching path; that we’ve got to find the right balance between Whitney Houston and forest noises; between running around the studio and finding peace in child’s pose; between ego and altruism; fast and slow.

So, take it a little slower today. Feel the moment. Take it in. That’s all, folks. Be good to each other (more van installments coming soon!).


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