The reason we’ve got shares in Horlicks

Alright, so I’ve been a bit quiet lately. And there’s good reason. Running a business, it turns out, is a bit of a drain on daylight hours and has kept me distracted from van and yoga writing. But here I am. And I’ve got updates.

‘What’s going on with the van?’ I hear you ask. It’s a great question, but you knew that. It turns out that me and the other half work quiet well under pressure. Or, perhaps, just that we need pressure in order to get anything (literally anything) done. And this has been pretty evident in van matters lately. You see, instead of van-dwelling, we’ll actually be street-dwelling in a few short weeks if we don’t sort our shit out (not really, but living with my mum is kinda rubbish (just kidding mum!)).

Early stages of the bed. Check out those angled corners. 

So, with the house-sale pending and all that, we’re focused on making the van somewhere other than the neighbourhood go-to furniture storage facility. We’ve started by spaffing a load of borrowed money (you got it: we drink a hell of a lot of Horlicks to help us sleep at night) on a snazzy new mattress (we’ve been sleeping on a whole load of cushions packed underneath a mattress topper. Seriously. Never do this for long periods of time), a solar panel kit, and some odd bits of wood. We’ve even slapped together our own bed (again) and, this time, she’s for keeps.

And the most exciting bit? Our log burner is ripe for fitting. Well, sort of. Our *actual* log burner isn’t even capable of preserving our life at night, apparently. Something to do with massive amounts of carbon monoxide in a really small space. So, we’ve got to sort out a replacement, but we’ve found this one – isn’t she a beaut?

Sure, we’ve taken most of our inspiration from Instagram and nothing else. And we’re cool with that. Who needs technical YouTube videos anyway? Fuck the instructions. Let’s hope for the best.

I’ll be sure to keep you more thoroughly posted in future, folks. For now, go get on your yoga mat and be good to each other!


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