Eat more waffles

I’ve been a qualified nutritionist for a few years now. And a keen learner about this sort of thing for what seems like forever. So, you’d expect me to have one of those fridges Well and Good post about to show how amazing my diet is.

Yeah. About that.
Yes. With chocolate sauce please. 
It all begins like you’d expect. I’m a salad fan, love throwing as much fibre at my food as I can, eat full fat and low sugar, practice intermittent fasting, don’t drink, eat chia seeds and kale, and I’m in a serious relationship with coconut oil. You might think I’m crazy for suggesting some of this stuff (nope, saturated fat isn’t bad for you, and yes, sugar is the devil) but, y’know, trust-me-I’m-a-nutritionist and all that.

But, my fridge not making it into a magazine is probably because I also love (and I mean this with the full force of the word) flapjack, icecream, caramel sauce, cake, pizza, and brioche. Oh, and those really dirty hotdogs you get after spending all your savings at Ikea. And all that is ok. Really.

Here’s my point. You can read yourself into infinity with the latest trending diet, especially if you’re coming from a certain fitness regime (crossfit and paleo spring to mind). You can get bogged down, stressed out, overly guilty and a bit cross about dieting. I’ve seen it and been there. But what if we try to give a shit about how we’re feeling? Intermittent fasting is crazy to some, and that’s ok. But it works (like a flippin’ charm) for me. You might be writing your next smoothie recipe book, or just be repulsed by the idea of blending vegetables into a liquid, and that’s ok too. And sometimes, a salad ain’t doing nothing for you. You’re fucking hungry (hello hangover) and need some white bread with all the e-numbers.

While I’m not advocating an unhealthy diet at all (e-numbers are bad, kids), what I’m *trying* to say is that it’s important we tune in and listen to what we’re needing. It’s ridiculously easy to get swamped in all the nutritional advice we’re presented with everyday. Next time you’re cooking up a storm, think about what’d be good for you, right now. What’s your body telling you? Cook your food from scratch and eat right when you can (you know how to eat right, you don’t need an overpriced recipe book to tell you. Honest). But when you can’t, those endorphins from the rocky road cake will do you good, even if the sugar won’t.

Instead of worrying about how long you need to wave your arms like a weirdo on the cross-stepper to burn off that double chocolate chip cookie (which is mental, by the way), let’s focus on balance, gratitude, connection, happiness and mindfulness. Tuning in to this stuff will give you the best diet ever. I promise.

Oh, and here’s a brilliant article by a amazing cancer survivor who tells you to eat more waffles. Yep. That’ll do.

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