You can’t stop the drizzle

Well folks, you’ll find me writing this post from good ol’ Blighty. It’s currently drizzling and cloudy, and I’m in heaven (a little bit).

Change is the current topic of discussion in my internal world right now: Bali is behind me, my business isn’t being bought for too-many zeros by Google, and I can no longer justify all those frozen cocktails I drank in the last few days of my trip (just because I can’t justify them doesn’t mean I’m not having them…).

The land of the multiple-climate day. Oh how I’ve missed you.

Bali being behind me is amazing obviously. I’ve gone and got myself some teaching gigs lined up and everything (I’ll keep you posted). But it being done and dusted certainly has put a level of melancholy to proceedings. What do I replace the Bali-shaped hole in my head with? And my business being in its current state? It’s not what I was hoping for. Work is required and, honestly, I’m pooping my proverbials.

BUT (yes folks, there’s always a giant but, and they can often be underrated), when things aren’t going quite as they should (seriously Google, you’re missing a treat) there’s always other terribly awesome stuff that gets overlooked. So, in my world, I’ve got the prospect of van life still ahead of me (thanks for bearing with me on this, apparently we need more money…), I’ve actually GOT a business – and a tangible one at that (check out if you’re so inclined. And yes, I built that website, and yes, it’s a bit shit – we’re working on it), and I’ve got a pretty great group of folks around me to tell me to stop my whining on the regular.

We (well, I do anyway) sometimes look at life based on the stuff that’s not perfect. Along with the crap I mention above, it could be anything: “My life is hard because the dog peed on the stairs again”, “I’m struggling because I forgot to buy milk and have to eat dry Weetabix” (this I DO NOT recommend) – you get the picture. But what if we switch the channel and focus on the FUCKING AMAZING STUFF!?

Life actually IS amazing you guys! And you have the power to make incredible choices to change your world. Put that positive hat on for once. It’s a game changer.

(Obviously writing this for myself today. Just you go be your awesome selves and I’ll catch you later)


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