A hunt for shade

Hello dear followers. Thanks for stopping by.

So, I’m in Bali, as planned. But actually, some stuff is happening I hadn’t planned for. Bali is hot, sunny, and full of wonderful plants. But, a week in, and actually I’m not warming to the place (despite my unrelenting sweating). It’s pretty for the most part, but there’s something here that’s not quite making my insides explode. And I like when my insides explode.

The yoga is amazing. I’d urge anyone reading this to check out Eoin Finn and Blissology yoga. He knows what he’s talking about. And the people are brilliant too. From all over the world and all walks of life with this one commonality. But Bali? It’s not the paradise you see in postcards. And maybe it’s my fault for having such naiive expectations.

If you’re sat somewhere reading this where the temperature reads below 30°c and the air isn’t swim-ably humid, please spare a thought and send some cooling vibes to me and my scared freckles. They don’t know what’s going on, the poor things.

As much as I’m yearning for home though, I’m trying to put more energy and vibes into the present and the people around me. A lesson for us all there, I’m sure. From one of my favourite books, “there’s no present like the time”.

Over and out for now lovely folks. I’m on a hunt for shade.


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