Radio of awesome

Social media is a weird old place for yoga, don’t you think? I’ve recently started building my own yoga brand, @honeyyoga, and found I had more followers than my personal instagram account before I’d even posted anything. And when reposting some old yoga content on @honeyyoga it received double the number of likes than before (and put me just in yoga pants and a sports bra? Add some more likes)! It’s all very exciting and fast paced, but what’s it all about!?


I suppose yoga can be a very visual thing. When we look at gymnastics, for instance, yoga’s less esoteric cousin, it’s an artwork of sorts, something we “oooo” and “ahhh” at. Like it’s some sort of hominid firework display. And some of this wide-eyed reverence can be directed at yoga, when scantily clad, utterly fat-less beauties are pulling of handstand scorpions, or some other feat of strength and flexibility.

But, what I always say to beginners about this stuff, is that yoga is more about being able to disquiet the body, to quiet the mind. What I mean is, when you’re shaking in a one minute handstand, or wobbling in a warrior pose, through the breathing you find those still waters inside that help you to keep going regardless. And this is the stuff that instagram doesn’t show you. This is the stuff we can’t dress up in overpriced clothing, with a rugged, shabby chic backdrop, and perfect lighting.

So, next time you see a beautiful yoga pose on instagram, let’s hope the yogi has tapped in to that river of solace, that inner radio of awesome, the bit that makes it amazing and yogic. Cause if not, it’s probably just gymnastics.

Over and out for now my lovely followers. Keep an eye out. My countdown for Bali has begun!


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