A sticky situation

The van. It’s a bit of an annoying, oil-dripping metal box at the moment. Taking up room on my Mum’s we’re-well-to-do-doncha-know suburban street and menacingly reminding me that I’ve no money with which to fix ‘er up. Blasphemy, of course. Because it’s probably the best purchase me and my bloke have ever made (except I did buy some seriously good moccasins once. I wonder where they went…). But, the surf isn’t up to much, we don’t have surplus pennies with with to explore with, and we can’t drive it much more anyway without the insurance being invalid (I know, one day I’ll tell you who these crooks are and we’ll go throw eggs into their office windows).

But, we did manage a quick-fix. By ‘quick’, I mean it took us ages. And by ‘fix’, I mean that it no longer looks like it’s owned by a 65-year-old. Yes folks, that’s right, we removed the decals.

The only thing keeping him going was the face-melting warmth when he shoved the heat gun up his shorts

First of all, who the heck decides that the best colour for their snazzy new van stickers is brown? BROWN!? Honestly. This question keeps me up at night. Second of all, they were really stuck on. I mean, seriously stuck on. It took us about four hours of nail-bending frustration to end up somewhere where it didn’t look like it was a consequence of some awful accident.

But, we finally got them off and, I’m sure you’ll agree (ignoring the patches where the damn things took the paint off), it looks slightly less like a child-nabbing-mobile. Now, has anyone got any great ideas for getting that sticky stuff off…?


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