It’s van-adjusting time

Our bed getting a makeover
Our bed getting a makeover

Finally. We’re actually putting our outlandish ideas into some sort of motion, albeit somewhat slow and frustrating motion. Fingers-full-of-splinters frustrating.

Fear not though, casual readers, we’ve got tweezers and we know how to use them.
We’ve got thermally-lined curtains (and some lofty dreams about tie-backs), a half-made sofa bed (oo-er), a worrying amount of freshly discovered rust, and all the impetus to buy a wood stove and no idea of how we fit one. It’s a non-stop van party, neighbours and their power tools included.

With a worrying level of discontent in mine and the fella’s full-time work (think the standard office-related please-tear-my-eyes-out-of-my-skull boredom, and two philosophically-charged non-conformists) who knows what the future holds. The van is a certainty though. A move to another ‘shire now becomes as easy as a drive down the M2 (or up, depending on your outlook on life), and the rest of Europe beckons like a Spanish lager to a thirsty power-drill yielding 27 year old. France has been mentioned, but we’ve got our fair share of debt and what-not so living the hobo life isn’t quite within our grasps yet. As my last post mentions though, we’re learning to slow down a little, maybe gaining a little patience along the way.

For now, we just hope the bed doesn’t fall apart.


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