Happiness – how do you find yours?

It’s been made very clear to me in the past 12 months or so that happiness definitely isn’t hailed as the necessary commodity that it should be. All your friends from school who are earning six-figure salaries must be happy, right? Wrong. Money alone actually doesn’t lead to happiness, and I learned this the hard way.

Working offshore, earning over double the money I would have earned elsewhere, made me a spend-a-holic and a misery-guts. So I quit! And I’m still not sure in what direction I should be going! My October resolution of the moment is to concentrate on all those things that make me happy, those things that I get up early on a Sunday morning for. From what I’ve learned, doing this helps you find out how best to spend your Monday to Friday – gives you the key to paying the bills by doing what you love.

I encourage you to do the same! When we regularly roll around in a big pile of the things we love – whether it’s stamp-collecting, kite-flying, or dancing in your kitchen – we become happier and we make decisions that direct us to more of that good stuff, including the right careers!

Do these good things, make yourselves happy, and pass that happy-honey on 🙂

A bit o'yoga in the wild helps with the happiness levels
A bit o’yoga in the wild helps with the happiness levels

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