To The Curb, Dear Cravings! Four Ways to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

An earlier post (Post 1 and All Things Sweet) will alert you to my dietary preferences and the associated struggles. Picture the scene: hormonal cravings (and those damn Pinterest recipes!) have sent you slightly crazy for the sweet stuff all day, but you have abstained! You are the champion of all things! Common people shall bow at your feet! And then your kindly friend (or mother in my case – I need to move out apparently) brings you some of the finest, creamiest, milkiest chocolate. It snaps right before your eyes, exploding lovely chocolate-y aromas right under your nose, and you’re handed a piece. So yes, I crumbled and ate half the bar.

It’s these sorts of scenarios that are the worst for recovering sugarholics (making it sound appropriately serious) but in the initial stages of abstinence, it can all seem too much. I thought I would share with you fourย of my tried and tested ways to help you tell those cravings what for.

1. Full fat milk: honestly, I love the stuff. I try to get non-homogenised and organic but that’s often difficult to lay your hands on in the UK. Whether organic like mine or not, a glass of stomach-filling full fat milk tends to do the trick. You could add a dash of cinnamon and cocoa powder to hot milk, or maybe even a little ground ginger. Mix it up a bit if you fancy, but for now, remember to avoid the honey!

2. Salty snacks: I know it’s perhaps wrong of me being a health advocate to advise eating salty junk food, but in the first couple of weeks whilst your cravings are strong and if you’re giving up cold-turkey style, then this definitely helps. Get your favourite flavour of crisps, make sure they’re sugar free, and munch away! But obviously, don’t make this too much of a habit!

3. Fruit and herbal teas: these teas can often be naturally sweet. Look out for peppermint and licorice – It does you good (reducing your body’s acidity) and tastes super too!

4. Exercise: we all know that exercise-related endorphins make you feel great, but exercise also reminds you of your goal to treat your body like a temple! Whilst your groaning about another set of burpees, or wincing through the last mile, you’re not thinking about sugar! Anything else that keeps your mind occupied is good too.

My arch nemesis: the chocolate cake
My arch nemesis: the chocolate cake (don’t follow the link to the recipe, whatever you do)

I try to get a lesson from all difficult stages in life, and this one no less! Remember to be patient, strong, and if you know of anyone else attempting to remove sugar from their diet, a little compassion goes a long way as well.

Remember through all of this: the cravings wont last forever! Keep it up and you’ll see yourself preferring cheese and crackers over that delicious-looking chocolate brownie. You’ll feel incredible too!

If you know of any other great ways to help beat those cravings, please let me know! Good luck!


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