When life gives you lemons, plant the seeds!

I realise this may seem a little off theme but as I intend to discuss the nature of happiness and where it can be found, and as these little fellas make me smile so much, I thought I’d share to perhaps induce some droplets of happiness into someone else’s life!

I recently stumbled upon the fact that you can grow your own lovely little lemon trees from the seeds from supermarket-bought lemons. And not even organic ones! So thrilled little me poked some into some potting compost and, when nothing appeared after three days, I counted my losses and promptly forgot about them. And then joy! I had a little green life waving hello. And now I’m the proud mother of five little baby lemon trees.


There’s lots of help from our good friend Pinterest on this subject and you can see some other useful house-related ideas and themes on my own board http://www.pinterest.com/chloelou131/home-and-cabin/.

I highly recommend growing your own little lemon babies. After all, we’ll be the ones laughing when we have free lemons in 3-6 years!


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