Winter is coming

Ok, we haven’t started watching the latest GoT. Mainly because we definitely can’t watch one episode at once. We’re binge kinda people, y’know? So no spoilers if you don’t mind. Anyway, my reference to this ace telly show isn’t for the lovely beards or the many scenes that make you wish you didn’t invite your … More Winter is coming

How’re you doing?

Happy Tuesday, you guys. My topic today, and something I write for, something I yoga for, and something that’s only just become something I’m consciously aware of, is my natural state of mind. I guess, what I mean is, my propensity for pessimism, stress, anxieties. I’m not vegan, and this is something the yoga world struggles … More How’re you doing?

Solo board games

As I sit here at our little oak desk overlooking a copse of beautiful tall trees, I hear the question resonating in my ears: “why do you live in a van?”. Yes. Why, indeed? As we get asked so often what motivated us, I thought I’d share with you guys the story behind our little … More Solo board games